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The Learner Driver Theory Test - South Australia

Before you can get your first Australian Driver's Licence or Learner Permit you must pass a Driving Theory Test.

Most people know it as the Learner's Test but you do the same Theory Test if you convert from an International Licence.


Know Your Road Rules

To pass the Theory Test - study the book or get someone to help you learn it! The answers are all there!

Knowing the rules and other driving information will help you pass the Learner Test easy. The main part of the Learner's Test is multiple choice. Many correct answers come almost word for word from the Driver's Hand Book.

If you have trouble getting through the written content, study the diagrams and captions. They are great and make lots of sense.

Once you know everything really well, test yourself using the On-line Learner's Test.

Make sure you have the current book. If not, the information could be out of date. Road Rules change all the time.

The Road Rules Book is available for $10.00 from all Service SA Customer Service Centres. Copies are also available from RAA Shops and some News Agents.

Throw it out old books like this one!     

The Give Way Rules

Before you can attempt the main (Multiple Choice) part of the Learner Test, you have to get 100% for the Give Way Rules.

The Give Ways are important for your Learner Test and even more important on the road. Know them!

For your Learner Test you have to get them all correct! On the road you have to make instant give way decisions. Who should wait? Who should go? Learn them! Practice them! Use the RAA Learner's Test to make sure!

Check out the Know Your Give Way Rules check list further down the page. It really helps.

Knowing your Give Ways, other Road Rules and Road Safety information will also make learning to drive and getting your P's much easier.


After You Pass Your Learner's Test

When you've passed you L's Test, paid your money and got your Learner Permit it's time to start Learning To Drive on the roads!

Work hard to become the best driver you can be.

Use this site. Learner Drivers and their Parents, Family and Friends (Supervising Drivers) will find lots of advice and information.

  • Who are the best people to teach you to drive?

  • When is the best time to start lessons?

  • How to choose a Driving Instructor.

  • Information for Parents about teaching a Learner to drive.

Don't Wait Until It's Too late.

Learning to be a great driver takes time and effort. Get started early.


Call or email us

To discuss your situation, find out your best options or to book lessons.

Please understand that we have a 'No Phones' policy during driving lessons and other training sessions.

If we can't answer, please leave a message, send a text or email and we will get back to you.


The On-line Learners Test - South Australia

Practice makes perfect. Use the on-line Learner Test.

If you want to be confident when you do your Learner's Test then get plenty of practice using the On-line Test.

Practice the Give Way Questions. The animated answers will tell if you are correct.

Work through the Multiple Choice Questions. Get to know how the questions are worded and what answers are expected.

Use the Check Answers option to go over any Multiple Choice answers you get wrong.


Remember that while the practice test is good it only really helps if you have studied the Drivers Handbook.


Know Your Give Way Rules

Remember your Give Ways and check your Learner Test answers.

The following steps and tips will help you when answering your Give Way Questions.


Use the "word" S T O R.

Get to know and apply the following steps to each give way question / answer.

is for Signs, Lines and Traffic lights. Obey them.

is for Terminating road (T Junction). The car coming up the "neck" of the T gives way to vehicles travelling along the "through" road.

is for Oncoming or Opposite Direction. If you are turning right across the path of Oncoming Traffic you must give way.

is for Right. If none of the above apply then you simply Give Way to the Right.

Make sure you understand and know these common trouble points too:

  • At intersections you must give way to pedestrians who are crossing the road you are turning into.

  • Read up and learn how "modified T junctions" work.

  • Read up on "slip lanes" at traffic lights.


Good Luck and all the best for your Learner's Test.

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