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Whether you call them Crash Statistics, Road Accident Stats, Crash Stats, Road Trauma Statistics, Fatality and Injury Statistics or simply Road Crash Reports it doesn't matter, they represent a whole lot of unnecessary pain and suffering for thousands of people every year.

Work really hard not to become a crash statistic!

If you are learning to drive now or soon make sure you learn well and are truly P Plate ready before you get your P's and are driving on your own.

If you are already a licensed driver, drive and think safe at all times.

Never take risks while driving - you are likely to kill some one!

That some one will have, friends, work mates, brothers, sisters, a mother, father and cousins. They could be some one's boss, parent, employee or carer, the list goes on and on!

Think about the huge impact your small mistake or moment of impatience could have.

Take a look below at what is happening on the roads in South Australia right now. As you read this, there will be people in SA suffering huge distress because they or some one they knew became a crash statistic.

Remember - these crash statistic numbers represent real people suffering right now.

There are hundreds of people in hospital beds today because they became a crash statistic!

Many of these real people plus their friends and families will continue to suffer for years, even a life time!

Think about it! Really take it in! Try and put names and faces to the numbers. Either now or in the future these numbers are very likely to represent some one near and dear to you!

It doesn't have to be this way! You can make a difference! Please take care on our roads!


Road Crash Statistics - South Australia

DTEI Statistics: Total Number of licensed drivers including L & P Drivers is approximately 1,100,000.

Using the above number and information from SAPOL Statistics it can be shown that Drivers on South Australian Roads:

  • kill a person every 2 to 3 days;

  • injure 24 people each day;

  • admit 4 people to hospital daily; and

  • cause serious damage to over 200  vehicles every day.

These Statistics correct at time of Publication. Stats derived from Dept of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure and South Australian Police websites.


Average Drivers Crash

What do all these numbers mean for the average driver in South Australia who drives for 40 - 60 years?

  • 3 or 4 crashes resulting in serious vehicle damage.

  • 1 driver in 6 will be involved in a crash resulting in injury

  • 1 in 12 will be involved in a crash resulting in injuries requiring hospitalization

  • 1 in 50 drivers will be involved in a crash that will kill someone!

Over a lifetime of driving it is likely that the average driver will be involved in a Serious Crash* every 15 years.

*Serious Crash is one that must be reported to police i.e.. has resulted in either injury to a person and/or damage to property of more than $1000.

Remember, the rules have changed! If you are a driver of a vehicle involved in a road crash or accident where some one is injured or killed you must report to a police officer (at the scene) or police station within 90 minutes.

For full reporting details look up Reporting a road crash - Government of South Australia.

What to do if you are involved in a crash and you need a Tow Truck in South Australia.



You can do something about it

You can minimize your chances of becoming a statistic. Choose not to be an Average Driver!

Learning? While you can really enjoy doing it, take learning to drive seriously! Step out from the crowd. Learn to be an Excellent Driver and be proud of it!

Call or email us to organise your Learner Lessons. We will make sure you Learn to Drive Smart and Safe, becoming an Excellent Driver at the best possible time - before you get your P's.

Already on your P's or a full licence? Are you really a safe driver? Drive Smart On-Road Defensive driving sessions will help make sure you are the safe driver you need to be.

Call or email us to organise your Defensive Driving Course. Become a safer, smarter better driver. You can make a difference!



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